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What’s covered by my insurance?

Roamers Therapy LLC will verify your benefits and we will consult prior to your first session what your estimated out of pocket costs will be. However, we encourage you to also call your insurance company to become familiar with your specific benefits and coverage. Please remember that verification of benefits does not guarantee payment from your insurance company and this is only a quote of benefits. This process might take up to 14 days or more depending on the number of request we receive. You may temporarily be added to a waitlist while we verify your insurance benefits.

If you are planning to utilize an additional funding option (e.g., HSA, HRA, FSA, EAP, etc), please provide detailed information and consult with your employer to guarantee payment for mental health services.

Accepted Insurance: Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, BCBS – Blue Choice PPO, Aetna, and Cigna

* Roamers Therapy does not accept any other EAP, HMO, Medicaid, nor Medicare plans. Please contact your customer service line that can be found on your insurance card to locate a provider that does.

Scheduling Frequency: Roamers Therapy works off a weekly scheduling model and we are not able to accommodate any infrequent scheduling, such as (bi-weekly, monthly, or sporadic).

  1. Research shows that clients who go to psychotherapy on a weekly basis either make significantly more progress or deteriorate much less compared to those who go to psychotherapy on a biweekly/ sporadic basis.
  2. Our clinicians, too, noticed in the past years that their clients did not reach desired psychotherapy goals and experienced adverse effects during bi-weekly scheduling.  
  3. Psychotherapy Modalities utilized for individual and couples therapy highly recommend weekly scheduling to see folks meet their goals and improve functioning.

If you have any additional questions, please use our frequently asked questions page:


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    Please complete this form in its entirety. Once your benefits have been verified this does not guarantee you are a client of Roamers Therapy LLC.

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