Shaysa Esther Villa (she/they)

Hi! I’m Shaysa Villa, usually go by Shay (she/they). I am a psychotherapist in Chicago, Illinois. I am the owner of Roamers Therapy.


Roamers was created with an abstract idea of helping individuals gain insight, purpose, and meaning through navigating identity. Roamers Therapy had a deep understanding how hard it can be to find a therapist that understands how to navigate identify along with other issues in a modern and down-to-earth approach. Roamers Therapy works particularly well with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and relational stressors. We take a culturally sensitive and thoughtful approach to therapy to help individuals and families achieve mental well-being. This may be an overwhelming point in your life, but pursuing psychotherapy can be one of the most transformative experiences you can take to heal & grow.

Therapy can help you navigate ways your thoughts may be negatively impacting your life. At times, we all may experience thoughts, memories, and emotions that become overwhelming. Therapy can help you grasp ways to cope and not allow anxiety, trauma, and depression to derail your days. Roamers Therapy’s role will be to be by your side & help you explore and identify unclear reasons that prevent you from living or having your envisioned life.

Roamers Therapy understands comparison culture and how it may be impacting your self worth and ability to make decisions. Therapy will talk through your career, confusion, goals, achievements, and failures to help you feel less paralyzed and explore the power of navigating your identity. When you explore how societal expectations and family history have manifested in your everyday life, you will find out what is getting in the way. Once you identify what gets in the way or derails, you and your therapist will implement tangible and concrete changes.

I hope you provide yourself the space and the gift of therapy. This is an important decision in your life and the connection and commitment you begin with your therapist can be just what has been missing and you need.


Things that bring me joy: therapy, travel, reading, writing, being curious and amused, trying new food, listening to podcasts, and dancing!


Master of Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago

Focus: I specialized in mental heath and migration studies.

Bachelors of Arts from Hood College

Focus: I majored in Social Work and Spanish literature.


Licensed Clinical Social Worker, State of Illinois

License number: (149021207)

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, Washington, D.C.

License number: (LC200001502)

Role at Roamers Therapy

At Roamers Therapy, I currently assist with day-to-day operations, marketing, clinical consultation, supervision, and clinical improvement.

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