About Us

Hi! I’m Shaysa Villa, usually go by Shay (she/they). I am a psychotherapist in Chicago, Illinois. I am the owner of Roamers Therapy.


Roamers Therapy was created understanding how hard it can be to find a modern & down-to-earth therapist. Roamers Therapy works particularly well with individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, and interpersonal stressors. Roamers Therapy takes a culturally sensitive, unique, and creative approach to therapy to help individuals and families achieve mental well-being. This may be an overwhelming point in your life, but pursuing psychotherapy can be one of the most transformative experiences you can take to heal & grow from your current state.

Hi! I’m Candice Love (she/her). I am a psychotherapist and clinical supervisor at Roamers Therapy.


Life is truly a gift that is meant to be enriching, filled with freedom and happiness. At times we experience challenges that prevent us from living life the way we truly desire. As a modern cognitive behavioral therapist, I understand these challenges and how they may alter us internally. My approach to therapy is a collaborative, solution focused and nonjudgmental.

Hi! I’m Carrie Wallace-Onifade (she/her). I am a psychotherapist in Chicago, Illinois. I practice at Roamers Therapy.


As a modern relationship oriented therapist, I work with individuals & couples that are noticing their behaviors and actions are not aligned with who they believe they are or how they would like their relationships to look like. At times, you may feel you have been getting farther away from the person you wanted to be. When working with you, I practice a kind, caring, & non-judgmental approach that will assist you in improving your emotional well-being & create ever-lasting mental health & improve your interpersonal relationships.

Hi! I’m Raquel d’Escoto (she/her). I am a psychotherapist in Chicago, IL & I currently practice at Roamers Therapy.


Life is fun and exciting but also challenging. At times life is overwhelming and we are not sure how to deal with how we are feeling. Sometimes it is difficult to name what you are feeling and working through them can seem impossible. Through my work with those experiencing domestic violence, I have seen a range of individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma and more. As a modern eclectic trauma informed therapist, I recognize and understand the importance of creating a space that is free to be expressive and non-judgmental.  

Hi! I’m Juan Contreras (he/him/él). I am a psychotherapist in Chicago, IL & I currently practice at Roamers Therapy.


We often feel stuck or so overwhelmed with emotional experiences and negative thoughts. When these experiences get to us, we feel trapped, unheard, distressed, and even hopeless. These types of experiences eventually keep us from pursing what’s important in life. So, as your trauma-informed and culturally sensitive therapist, I’d like to invite you to join me in a unique experience where you can share and explore your experiences in a non-judgmental and affirming space. In collaboration, we will identify ways to manage time-consuming thoughts, emotional experiences, and other related behaviors that prevent us from pursuing our personal values in life.

Hi! I’m Raechel Pierce (she/her). I am a psychotherapist in Chicago, IL & I currently practice at Roamers Therapy.


Sometimes life throws us challenges that are too overwhelming to handle alone. As a trauma informed and culturally sensitive therapist, I understand the importance of allowing space and time for healing in a non-judgmental space. As your therapist, my priority is that you feel comfortable as we work through these difficulties together. My approach is collaborative, as your voice is equally important. This is your lived experience, and my role is to help guide and gently empower you towards realizing a better version of yourself.

Hi! I’m Andres Carrion (he/they). I am a professional counseling student at Northwestern University and a psychotherapist in training at Roamers Therapy.


As a person-centered and multicultural oriented therapist, it is my philosophy that you know yourself better than anyone else and that it is your right to guide the therapeutic process. I strive to meet clients where they are at. I believe that you are a unique individual with diverse experiences and there is value in that. The differences that make you, you, should not only be seen, but understood and validated. 

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